Önder YILDIZ is a professional for the following areas of business based on his Engineering Degree. 

Technical, Production, Performance, Productivity, Process improvement, Flow Chart, Standardization, Problem solving, OEM, Automotive, Innovation, Change, Sustainability, Taguchi, 5S, Genbutsu Genba, PDCA, Evaluation, Business Development, Corporate business,  Risk Management, Business Start up, Dealer Network set-up, Sales, Marketing, Retail, Project Management, Team Building, Coaching, Leadership, Shift Management, Campaign, Analytical approach, Analyses, Data Mining, Pricing, Cost Analyses, Negotiation… and so more…

He can work, live and travel all around the world without any limit.

Additionally to his Engineering education and management skills, He is an active photographer, rider, diver and sailor, too.

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  1. Mahliyo

    He can work, live and travel all around the world without any limit.
    I liked this statement. Mr l am a Student of University in Uzbekistan and 19years old. I am organising a summit in my city namely Fergana. I am going to invite you as a guest to there to be a mentor in your field. We are non funded and non profit students group. I will be grateful if you will visit. Please reply

    1. Onder YILDIZ Post author

      Dear Mahliyo,
      Thank you very much for your invitation, I always would like to support young generation. I’m in Kenya now and I’m not sure if I can come there as needs planning. On the other hand when is your summit ?

  2. Lesley McMahon

    Hi Onder
    I have a pre interview project paper for a Project Engineer would you like to do it for a bit of fun?

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