Sales, Marketing, Production, Productivity, Process improvement, Problem solving, OEM, Automotive, Coaching, Team Management, Leadership, Innovation, Sustainability, Taguchi, 5S, Genbutsu Genba, Evaluation, Business Development, Risk Management, Dealer Network Management, Store Management


  • Management & Engineering based approach & Business Development.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and coach people, lead teams and network.
  • Organization establishment, development, re-organization, performance follow-up.
  • Structural and analytical approach for problem solving. Talk with data.
  • Rapid and efficient decision making abilities.
  • Negotiation and strong interpersonal communication skills.
  • Strong planning and organizing abilities, PDCA method under discipline of Japanese Culture.
  • Creative, result oriented, self-motivated. A self starter.
  • Open to innovation, following technological developments.
  • ISO-9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS 18001 based management.
  • Strong presentational skills. Ability to communicate and influence with customers.         


1977 ~ 1984 : Hacettepe University, Engineering Faculty, Chemical Engineering-Eng. / Ankara / Turkey (BSc) 
1974 ~ 1977 : Çağlayan Lisesi / Antalya / Turkey – (High School)  

Languages….: English (Business proficiency), Turkish (Native )
Computer …..: All MS-Office applications, Outlook, Oracle-NetSuite, Pastel, SAP, Internet…


2017/01 –Present : Managing Director

  • Reporting to board.
  • Managing all  activities in the company.
  • Setting the short, mid and long term strategies.
  • Making daily, weekly schedules of departments. Following up realizations.
  • Preparing of Business Improvement plans.
  • Marketing and branding activities.
  • Standardizing operations of the company.

2014 – 2016/12  : Sales Manager

  • Reporting to Sales Director.
  • Managing all dealership activities, finding new dealers, improving existing, cancelling non-profitable ones.
  • Setting-up monthly campaigns, managing under invoice discount and premium system.
  • Performance, profits, sales, debt, guarantee letters of 150+ dealers are followed and visited in priority order.
  • Preparing of Business Improvement plans for future.
  • Marketing and branding activities.

2012/06 – 2014 : Assistant General Manager / Business Developer.
GEOPLAS  ( )  

  • Reporting to General Manager / Head of Board.
  • Re-Organization of the company for institutionalization.
  • Optimizing the cost and performance and profit increase projects.
  • Follow defect and scrap rate, take countermeasures, actions.
  • Setting up the working standardization and follow up all relations for info flow in the company.
  • Setting up bar-code system from orders to shipment, including production steps.
  • Authorization table for staff was prepared and put in to operation.
  • Managing the Product and Service marketing activities in all related sectors and customers.
  • Defining the policies and strategies for future of the company.
  • Customer risk analyses and risk ranking.

2011/02 – 2012/06 : Consultant, freelance. (

  • Re-Organizations of the companies for better performance. (Ex: Hepta Group)
  • Trainings of sales, marketing, brand management. ( Ex: Hepta Group, Mirsan)
  • Establishing foreign capitalized companies and set up organization
    (Ex: West Marine, EVT Automotive)

2009- 2010/11 : OEM Sales Senior Manager ( Cooperated Sales )
BRISA – Bridgestone Sabancı Tire Company.

  • Reporting to Assistant General Manager in Brisa ( Istanbul) and OE-General Manager in Bridgestone-EU (Brussels)
  • Managing Commercial relations with 20 top OEM such as Renault, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, Hyundai, Karsan, Otokar, Turk Traktor, TIRSAN, etc.
  • Managing about 150 mn. USD sales budget and more than 2 million tires / year.
  • Price determination and offer to customer, managing negotiation process based on profitability policy of the company.
  • Coaching sales crew including sales chiefs and Office people and keeping hi-level relations with other related departments in the company for on-time production / shipment.
  • Preparing mid-term / Long term business plans, making sales plans for next year(s) and hi-precise sales monthly forecast for better production and labor managing.
  • Proposing the Improvements of price updating on on-going business based on profit reports.
  • Following new OEM projects and take place at start-up with technical & commercial processes.
  • Making researches for OEM forecasts of the production and sales of OEM industry. Also trend forecasts of new models, like rim / tire size change.
  • Following / forecasting market share in current and new models.
  • Making researches about OEM fitment satisfaction effect on car buyers, how they behave on replacement process.   

2007- 2009 : Regional Sales Manager / Istanbul (Istanbul & 12 provinces)
2002- 2007 : Regional Sales Manager / Izmir (Izmir & 13 provinces)
BRISA – Bridgestone Sabancı Tire Company

  • Reporting to Sales Director / Assistant General Manager.
  • Managing the annual sales revenue 56 mn.USD (2006) in Izmir region, during the period. 
  • 45 non-profitable dealers were cancelled, 25 new dealers in which most are from competitors, were opened.
  • Managing the annual sales revenue 75 mn. USD (2007) in Istanbul region.
  • 100+ dealers located in each of district were under responsibility to be followed closely.
  • Coaching sales crew including sales chiefs (5) and merchandising team. (5)
  • Preparing of Improvement plans for sub districts ,
  • Regional / National sales campaigns were prepared / applied and the result / evaluation is followed, reported.
  • Proposing the Improvement plans of dealers, steering their investments & growth were done for each sales point, once a year.
  • Interviews were done frequently, with sales chief candidates directed by or to HR.
  • Setting of Dealer Sales encourage & loyalty system which is updated each year.
  • Taking place at Alternative Sales Point development, i.e. Performance Point, Oto-Pratik shops and services which are new channels for the country.
  • Following market share of the brands ( Lassa, Brisgestone ) and competitors’.
  • Following Competitors price policy, campaigns, marketing activities. Take countermeasures.
  • Evaluation of Customer, Dealer behavior researches. Proposing countermeasures if necessary.
  • New payment methods ( credit card, DBS ) were linked to company web sites for orders done by dealers.
  • Dealer Credit ranking system were established and integrated to accounting software for easy, quick and safe sales with term, to dealers.
  • 1999-2002 : Regional Sales Chief / West Med. (Antalya, Burdur, Isparta)
  • BRISA – Bridgestone Sabancı Tire Company 

  • Reporting to Regional Sales Manager
  • Managing quoted inventory among dealers, after shortage due to earthquake (1999-Izmit)
  • To follow & lead dealers during 2001 economical crisis to safe company receivables.
  • Sale lost was recovered after 1999-earthquake shortage and economical crisis period.
  • To implement targeted sales amounts, Regional campaigns were planned and applied.
  • Managing 30 dealers, opening new ones, cancellation of non-performing ones were done.
  • Warning the technical department about un-expected tire defects.
  • Competitor activities followed, reported regularly for true competition.
  • Sales & Service employees of dealers were trained, internally.
  • Fleet & Key Account business development were followed closely.

1988-1999 : Tire Process Engineer – Curing, Mixing & Extruding / Plant Technical
BRISA – Bridgestone Sabancı Tire Company (

  • Reporting to Plant Technical Manager.
  • Preparation of Production Specifications & Application Standards for process areas.
  • Support to production to prevent defective material occurrence.
  • Cost & Man saving projects were designed and applied.
  • Productivity increasing activities were done like; batch size optimization.
  • Auditing of PETKIM, Carbon Black supplier to Brisa, several times as supplier auditor.
  • Activities, meetings of Japanese Advisors in process areas were coordinated.
  • Process specification system was improved for better functionality. Shop Floor project
    was started. Structure was set.
  • Mould cleaning material was changed from sand to ceramic bead to prevent early wear
    of moulds, so mould life was increased by 20%.

1986 ~ 1988 TSP ( Triple Super Phosphate ) Production Chief
BAGFAŞ Bandıma Chemical Fertilizer Co. / Bandırma / Turkey (

  • Reporting to Production Director.
  • Produce planned production, 660 tons/day, with 32 union-member workers in 7X24X365 working plant.
  • Schedules for maintenance of the plant were prepared, organized periodically.
  • Man power and shift / Crew schedules were prepared and issued each week.
  • New methods were improved to shorten the maintenance time.


  • Inner tube & flap technologies, Bridgestone plants in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Green tire painting, auto valve applications & equipments of tubes, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Mixing & Extruding technologies and problem solving trainings, Bridgestone Amagi Plant, Japan.
  • Market penetration of new products, Bridgestone Thailand Plant, Training Center.
  • Advanced marketing and sales techniques, Bridgestone Proving Ground Rome, Italy.
  • Advanced marketing and sales techniques, Yokohoma Proving Ground, Sweden.
  • Tens of trainings, seminars has been taken and certified in/by Brisa. Some may be classified as communication, humanity, problem solving techniques, sales & marketing, management, finance, leadership,  etc.


  • Military Service …..: Completed as 2nd lieutenant (1984 ~ 1986)
  • Driving License ……: B and A2, Passenger car and Motorcycle.
  • Hobbies ………………: Photography, Sailing, Riding motorbike.
  • Licenses………………: Amateur Seaman, Scuba Diving, Short Distance Wireless operation for Marine.