Visiting Kenya for the first time (EN)


For almost all nationals from all countries, visa is a must, you can get yours in your arrival or online ( before you fly. A “fill in the blanks” document should be filled, before passport control. Documents to be filled are ready, on the desks but “pen” may be missed, have one in your hand bag. Visa fee is 50 USD for up to 3 months. It is highly recommended to have a 50 USD banknote to pay passport police, you have to pay cash. In most cases, you can have a “single entry visa” for 1 month, they can give you up to 3 months if you request. You can extend your visa by applying online, on immigration web site or immigration office in Nyayo House, located at CBD, Nairobi.

Please check the web site for Yellow Fever Vaccination necessity, before coming to Kenya.

Avoid to bring food, herbs, bulk medicines etc. in your bag, also brand new clothes and electronics may subject to custom tax.


Plastic bags are not allowed, even if they were given from free shops in your previous airport. Use only fabric or paper based bags.

Smoking is not allowed in almost all public areas, including air ports, streets, shopping malls, restaurants, cafeterias etc.

Photography is not allowed, because of security issues, in public areas, streets, shopping malls. Avoid to take pictures, even from inside a car.


UBER is widely used in Kenya and mostly trust-able, before coming, it is better you to install those apps to your smart phone. You will need it on your arrival from airport to town. The cost is about 10-15 USD from airport to city center, depending on traffic jam.

Public transport is done by MATATUs (Busses), BODA BODAs (Motorbikes) or TUK TUKs (Tri-porters). It is not recommend to use one of above unless you are not familiar. In case, you must have cash for payment which is the not only method but the other option is mpesa, mobile payment.

Regular taxis are also available, since they have no tracking system and taxi-meters, price should be fixed before your ride, even can be change during or at the end of the trip.


The Kenyan Shilling is the currency of Kenya. The code is KES, and the symbol is KSh. 1 USD is almost equal to 100-105 KES. You can exchange in the airport or in Town, there are several change offices.


Cars are “Right Handed” as in UK, Japan and traffic moves from LEFT side of the road. If you are coming from “Right Handed” countries, you have to be very careful to check the traffic before you cross over and driving is not recommended for you.

On main roads there are traffic lights, but most cases Traffic officers manage the traffic. Pedestrians has the first right to use the roads, on zebra crossing